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Hotel Benger

As an accommodation provider in a house as rich in tradition as the Hotel Benger, we know how important it is to look ahead in order to preserve what is good. For this reason, we are also committed to sustainable overnight stays.


e-charging station

Charge your electric car while you stay at our hotel. Find out more here.

Water saving shower heads

You won't notice any difference, but by installing puregreen water savers we were able to reduce our consumption by 50%.

Regional products

We rely on products from the region and support farmers from the Lower Rhine.

LED lighting

We have been able to reduce the power consumption of our lamps by 60% by switching to LED lighting.

SWK green electricity

Our hotel is operated with 100% - TÜV-tested - natural electricity from hydropower. We have received this certification from the city of Krefeld.


We only use biodegradable cleaning products.

Sustainable packaging

As we offer all our dishes to-go, we are careful not to use plastic packaging and encourage our guests to bring their own containers and bags for transport.